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Insurance Fraud, SIU & Defense Litigation Attorneys

The insurance fraud, SIU & defense litigation lawyers at Parker, LLP Attorneys at Law provide cost-effective legal services for the nation’s leading insurers and businesses without ever compromising our aggressive legal representation. Our attorneys have a proven track record handling cases that involve complex fraud, civil litigation, insurance coverage, qui tam, RICO, transportation, subrogation, and insurance defense litigation.

With multiple offices located throughout several states, we have the resources to achieve results for insurance carriers, corporations, and individuals from coast to coast. We listen to our clients, find the most direct means to accomplish their goals, and focus on pursuing those goals until they are accomplished in a manner that meets your needs and goals. Our attorneys serve clients in San Diego, CA and Fort Worth, TX in a wide-range of insurance matters.

Learn more about our legal services: (888) 557-3311.

  • $500,000+ Cargo Loss / Determined to Be Fraudulent (Large National Insurer)

    “Excellent and timely communication between the adjuster, our local investigator and expert, the insured, SIU, and our attorney got the team to this determination without delay.”

  • Fraud Ring Investigations (Large National Insurer)

    “We couldn’t have obtained the kind of results we did without your outstanding work in each and every one of the EUOs.”

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Parker, LLP Attorneys at Law provides superior, expedient legal representation to insurance companies, businesses, and individuals. Our attorneys apply their collective experience in handling fraud, SIU, civil litigation, insurance coverage, defense litigation, and other cases to benefit all clients—no matter the size of the claim. To assure your interests are served, we encourage feedback and listen to our clients. We never compromise our ethical standards and professionalism. Parker, LLP Attorneys at Law consistently practices cost containment and efficiencies for all clients to keep our fees fair and competitive, while never compromising our assertive, excellent legal representation. Our attorneys serve clients in San Diego, CA and Fort Worth, TX in a wide-range of insurance matters.

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