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  • Our Sympathies To The Hurricane Victims

    The month of September 2017 has become the strongest hurricane month ever recorded, with five already hitting North America. As hurricane season continues, there is the potential for more to come, ravaging already damaged areas throughout the Atlantic coast. Our hearts and thoughts are with those who have been affected. We at Parker, PLLC Attorneys at Law have seen firsthand the damage that ...
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  • FEMA Adjusts Disaster Recovery Financial Thresholds and Caps

    Annually, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) adjusts certain financial threshold amounts for post-disaster Public Assistance (“PA”) Grant Programs. There are two separate financial indicators that are adjusted: (1) the Minimum Project Worksheet Amount and (2) the per capita impact indicator for the state and county. Additionally, the maximum amount individual households and families ...
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  • Recent Texas Decision Helps Define 'Prompt Notice' in Hail Claims

    Known for its mercurial nature and frequent severity, Texas weather has long been the subject of wry observation, but 2016’s Texas weather has been even more intense than usual. Freshest on our minds is the terrible flooding from May and June—even the seemingly all-night thunderstorms over the Fourth of July weekend, here in Tarrant County. Before that, though, were the hailstorms. March and April ...
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    Traditionally, drones, or unmanned aerial systems (UAS), bring to mind images of robotic aircraft armed with bombs or missiles patrolling some of the world’s deadliest regions. However, over the past few years, drone use has become increasingly recreational. So much so that drone sales were predicted to increase by approximately 50% from 2014 to 2015. The Consumer Electronic Association predicted ...
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