Winter Weather in the Spring Can Potentially Lead to Greater Claims, Fraud

Winter Weather in the Spring Can Potentially Lead to Greater Claims, Fraud

April 25, 2018, Ankeny, IA - With record low temperatures across the northern United States for the month of April, many have experienced the negative effects of a prolonged winter. This includes collapsed roofs, fallen trees, and other property damage resulting in insurance claims. With this volume comes the potential for fraud, and Michael Parker addressed issues surrounding disaster and weather-related claims at the 2018 Iowa-Nebraska International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) Training Seminar in Ankeny, Iowa, on April 24, 2018.

Parker, the managing partner at Parker Straus, LLP, presented alongside attorneys, special investigations professionals and other industry experts from across the country. Parker’s presentation, titled “Identifying & Prosecuting Disaster Relief Fraud,” discussed the government’s role in disasters and different types of disaster fraud schemes. Drawing upon his experiences as an SIU investigator and an attorney, as well his time deployed in the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, he outlined the following types of fraud.

  • Duplication of Benefits
  • Theft of Benefits
  • Property Insurance Fraud
  • Contractor and Vendor Fraud
  • Fraudulent Charitable Solicitation
  • Price Gouging
  • Internal Fraud Under the NFIP WYO Program

Parker said that identifying fraud after a disaster can be more difficult given the emotional ties to “saving people,” but reminded his audience that insurance adjusters and investigators have a variety of prosecutorial tools available, including state and federal statutes. There are also pre-litigation techniques such as retaining SIU counsel, such as the experienced attorneys of Parker Straus, LLP, to conduct Examinations Under Oath.

For IASIU members who were unable to attend this session, Parker will be presenting a webinar through IASIU on May 8. This course comes as a pre-cursor to “Advanced Disaster Relief Fraud & Prosecution,” which he will present at the 2018 IASIU Seminar and Expo in Baltimore, slated for this September.

If you are dealing with disaster-related fraud or have additional questions regarding the issues involved, or are interested in presentation opportunities on this topic, please consult the experienced legal counsel of Parker Straus, LLP at (888) 557-3311.